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I have worked for Graphic Chemical & Ink Company since 1968 - with a brief hiatus(almost 4 years) to travel the World courtesy of my uncle. Sadly it turns out it was my Uncle Sam, and I wasn't too thrilled about the places that he chose to send me. My wife and I have run Graphic Chemical for many years, and have enjoyed the travel that comes with the position. We get to meet our customers (and the occasional vendor) from all over the World

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Wow! I am so rarely stunned into silence, but they got to me today. The phone call started out like the possible solution to a problem that has plagued us for several years. This nice young man was willing, for a fee, to insure top of the page placement on internet searches for Graphic Chemical. We know that we are a world leader in printmaking supplies, and probably the majority of printmakers in the US do too.

Internationally, printmakers recognize our name as a manufacturer of inks etc, but they tend to purchase from local distributors. In order to grow our business, the internet exposure seemed like just the ticket. Then reality reared its ugly head.

I sent the list of key words off to this nice young man named Joe. The list was kind of a no-brainer, terms like:

Japanese paper printmaking supplies
paper handmade paper
specialty paper ink rollers
printmaking paper plastic plates
screen printing ink etching ink
Graphic Chemical Stones Crayons
hand made paper intaglio
litho plates litho stones
zinc plates
copper plates Speedball
Akua Kolor Akua Intaglio
Charbonnel etching tools
ImagOn Film

and so on. We could have come up with a hundred words easily. The problem is
that the cost involved with this was along the lines of the cost of another
employee! Here's the rub... if I do that we'll get great placement for whatever
period of time we choose. As a lawyer friend of mine once told me, he defends
his clients until their
last dime. Joe would have pushed our placements right up
to my last dime. Well, guess who ends up paying for our indulgence? That's right do!

Don't worry we won't go that route, we'll have to find a better way to let our
customers know what a great deal we can offer them. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Have you ever wanted to be an internationally acclaimed artist? Well, here's your chance to start down that road. I am posting this, pretty much as it was received in hopes that some of you will consider submitting prints to Art at Wharepuke.

Bay of Islands Accommodation Map

Bay of Islands
New Zealand

Art at Wharepuke

Open Submission International Print Show


Open Submission NZ Print Show/USA Exchange

Entry Form Link>

Selected works will feature in a representative exhibition of New Zealand printmaking at Art at Wharepuke Gallery, Kerikeri, New Zealand and will then be sent as part of an exchange exhibition to The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The Wharepuke Print Studio and Zea Mays Printmaking are dedicated to non toxic and safer, green printmaking respectively. Whilst submitted work can be made with any recognised printmaking technique non toxic processes are encouraged.

Exhibition dates:
Art at Wharepuke, NZ – 18th December 2009 – 18th January 2010
The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking, USA – early 2010

Entry Requirements:

Images of 3 works, in any recognised printmaking technique (intaglio, relief, planographic, digital) – no giclée reproductions - as Jpegs on CD

Paper size (210 x 297 mm) to fit A4 frame (work will be floated)

Completed application form and CV/Bio

Entry fee of NZ$50.00. (This covers both exhibitions - framing, postage to USA, return of works, advertising and admin)

Cheques Payable to: Wharepuke Print Studio
or by direct credit to: ANZ Kerikeri 010382-0082741-00 (please include NZ OPEN PRINT as reference)

If accepted for exhibition 6 of each selected work will be required to be sent flat packed by Monday December 7th; framing will be undertaken by the galleries.

DEADLINE FOR CD ENTRIES: October 31st 2009

Entry Form Link>

Art in New Zealand
Art at Wharepuke
190 Kerikeri Road Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand 0230
From overseas Ph +64 9 407 8933 within New Zealand Ph 09 407 8933

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