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Friday, April 04, 2008


The Southern Graphics Conference is history for another year, and with it comes the need to recap what took place in Richmond, VA this year.

While we had a great turnout, the event was a little spread out for the tastes of the vendors. We had, I believe, 27 companies represented, including a few newcomers and a few of the old standbys.

Graphic's booth was supplemented this year by our good friends from Caligo Inks. Michael and Joy Craine (above right) brought lots of samples of both the Safe Wash Relief and Etching inks. These inks, as many of you recall, are top notch oil based inks that wash up with soap and water! Graphic Chemical is the exclusive agent of Caligo in North America.

Susan and I visited their plant (second time for me) in March, got to know some of their staff and got a handful of ideas that may well help us to serve your needs better in the future.

The Caligo ink room is a marvel of technology, their products are excellent, and the staff is wonderful. I was particularly taken by a sign as one entered the shop. Translated into American English, it says, "Ask your host for a lab coat as you tour the plant. Fine printmaking ink is, by nature, very permanent.

Back to the SGC show... it was a very successful show for introducing new products, especially the new Double End Carbide Tipped Tool. We sold out of this on the first day. German brayers, Oriental papers and books were among the more popular items.

We have added a large number of Oriental papers to help fill the gap left with the demise of Aiko's in Chicago. Check the website ( for a complete listing of the papers that we've added - it's pretty extensive.

Finally, SGC makes its way to Chicago next year, hosted by Columbia College. The organizing committee has been active for 4-5 months already, and will now kick it into gear to get ready for next March 25-28, 2009. We're aiming to have the finest SGC show ever. You can do your part by planning on being there. It'll be well worth the effort.