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Monday, May 11, 2009

NAMTA 2009

The NAMTA (National Art Materials Trade Association) show has stepped down to cities in what is considered Tier 2. We no longer go to New York, LA, Boston or Chicago. but now we travel to Reno, Louisville, Indianapolis and Orlando.

This year's show in Louisville was no step down in my mind. Whether it's the economy or the difficulty in getting to Louisville, the show was not very well attended, but those who were there were buying. As with any NAMTA show, the highlight was the President's Reception. The reception was held at world-famous Churchill Downs, less than a week after the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby. It could have been the 136th, but I don't think so.

Most of these fine horses are expected to carry 126 pounds (including the saddle). This poor baby drew the short straw and had the equivalent of two jockeys on his back, but it didn't slow him up even a step - in fact he hardly broke a sweat!

It is entirely likely that if this printmaking supply gig doesn't work out, I may consider a career change. The silks that I'm wearing in the picture aren't the most colorful, but they could improve. Hey if the Derby winner went off at 50:1 how much worse could it get with me on the nag?

There were a number of new items that we are looking at based on conversations at NAMTA. We'll have more on those as testing proves them top be viable or not. More to the point, there were several of our new products were quite the hit in Louisville. T
he biggest hit of the new products would have to be either the Baren Kit (with 5 or 10 blades) or the Safety Hand Guard which serves as a bench hook, and safety guard all in one.!

Both products are featured on or web site: the safety guard is product #24162 and the Baren Kit is items #24143 or 24144 for the 5 blade and 10 blade kits respectively.

There were numerous encounters at the show, most good, and one really strange one, but I'll need to have more than a little Kentucky Bourbon to reveal the strange one. Don't you just hate it when I do something like this?