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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Wow! I am so rarely stunned into silence, but they got to me today. The phone call started out like the possible solution to a problem that has plagued us for several years. This nice young man was willing, for a fee, to insure top of the page placement on internet searches for Graphic Chemical. We know that we are a world leader in printmaking supplies, and probably the majority of printmakers in the US do too.

Internationally, printmakers recognize our name as a manufacturer of inks etc, but they tend to purchase from local distributors. In order to grow our business, the internet exposure seemed like just the ticket. Then reality reared its ugly head.

I sent the list of key words off to this nice young man named Joe. The list was kind of a no-brainer, terms like:

Japanese paper printmaking supplies
paper handmade paper
specialty paper ink rollers
printmaking paper plastic plates
screen printing ink etching ink
Graphic Chemical Stones Crayons
hand made paper intaglio
litho plates litho stones
zinc plates
copper plates Speedball
Akua Kolor Akua Intaglio
Charbonnel etching tools
ImagOn Film

and so on. We could have come up with a hundred words easily. The problem is
that the cost involved with this was along the lines of the cost of another
employee! Here's the rub... if I do that we'll get great placement for whatever
period of time we choose. As a lawyer friend of mine once told me, he defends
his clients until their
last dime. Joe would have pushed our placements right up
to my last dime. Well, guess who ends up paying for our indulgence? That's right do!

Don't worry we won't go that route, we'll have to find a better way to let our
customers know what a great deal we can offer them. Any suggestions?


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