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I have worked for Graphic Chemical & Ink Company since 1968 - with a brief hiatus(almost 4 years) to travel the World courtesy of my uncle. Sadly it turns out it was my Uncle Sam, and I wasn't too thrilled about the places that he chose to send me. My wife and I have run Graphic Chemical for many years, and have enjoyed the travel that comes with the position. We get to meet our customers (and the occasional vendor) from all over the World

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I have been announcing this in numerous ways, but lo and behold not here. What was I thinking?

In conjunction with the Southern Graphics Council conference in Chicago (March 25-29, 2009), Graphic Chemical & Ink is planning on hosting an Open House at World Headquarters on March 29th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

For those of you not familiar with our facilities, World Headquarters are located at 728 North Yale Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181. Lest you get the wrong idea, we aren't exactly a 100,000 square foot building. We don't have multiple floors. In fact we could lie our way to about 11,000 square feet - roughly the size of the 8 Track Tape Department at Best Buy.

Not to cast aspersions on software manufacturers, but some commonly used software isn't too clear about our location. Yale avenue is 1 1/2 blocks long where we are located. You can only get to our building by turning off of eastbound North Avenue (Illinois Route 64), or by turning off of Ardmore Avenue onto Shiller , which dead ends at Yale. Should you have problems with directions, call us at 630-832-6004, and someone will talk you in.

Villa Park is actually pretty close to O'Hare Airport for those of you headed out that way. Public transportation is available on the Union Pacific West Line which takes about 40 minutes to get out from the Ogilvie Transportation Center (Madison and Canal) in Chicago to the Villa Park station. The Villa Park station is about a mile or less from Graphic.

We expect to have refreshments, possibly raffle prizes, and who knows what else we can think of between now and the 29th. Remember that you get a twofer when you come out here - you also get the new headquarters of Stones Crayons in the bargain.

We really look forward to seeing you out here on March 29th.


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