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Saturday, January 05, 2008


While I have focused on materials aimed at the artist, I've probably done a disservice to another part of our business - art supply stores. The oversight was not intentional, but one that I will endeavor to correct immediately.

NAMTA is the National Art Materials Trade Association. Graphic Chemical has been a member since 1966, and has exhibited at the annual Convention almost every year since then. The membership of NAMTA includes art supply stores from the largest chain to the smallest mom and pop operation. On the exhibitor side, you see the same range of members from the largest to the smallest. This year over 100 exhibitors of all types of art materials will strut their stuff. Exhibitors come from all over the world including Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Canada and the U.S.

Due to scheduling problems this year, we won't be exhibiting, but we'll be there, walking the aisles looking for new products and ideas. Because of the nature of the art materials business, we have many customers attending from the art store group, and several of the vendors are also customers. To complete the trifecta - several of the vendors are also vendors of ours.

Plus! It's in Reno, NV - The biggest little city in the World. April 30 - May 3. Sadly, NAMTA is only open to the trade. Unless you work for a store, you probably can't get in, but this is when new products make their debut. You'll start to see new materials in just a matter of weeks after the show ends. I'll try to post my impressions of this year's show as soon as we get back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pity that Graphic won't have a booth after such a long attendance record. The NAMTA attendee brochure doesn't list "printmaking supplies" in the "What you will find at NAMTA 2008" section - presumably this reflects the absence of Graphic this year?

4:32 AM  

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