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Monday, November 26, 2007


One of the best moves that we've made in the past couple of years was that of adding the Lascaux line of products to our catalog. It was a fairly long process from start to finish, but well worth the effort.

Graphic had approached one of our suppliers about handling a few specific Lascaux products, and it was clear from the beginning that this supplier did not want handle these products, because it didn't match their customer base. They graciously suggested to Lascaux that we might be a potential distributor of the new Lascaux A.R.E. products.

A.R.E., or acrylic resist etching, products are an innovative approach to the concerns that are persistent in printmaking about the safety of the materials used. With acrylic grounds becoming a viable starting point, Lascaux, with the help of Scottish artists Robert Adam and Carol Robertson, put together a system of acrylic etching resists that has expanded the possibilities for those doing intaglio techniques.

In addition to the obligatory Hard Ground, Lascaux has introduced Soft Ground, Stop Out, Plate Backing resist, Etching Tusches and much more. Susan and I had the privilege of attending a two day workshop on the A.R.E. system put on by Robert and Carol at the Lascaux manufacturing plant about two years ago. (If you hunt around in the archives of this blog, you'll see about two years ago, the plate that we made during the workshop - great art it ain't, but it taught us a lot about the products.)

To me, however, the wonder was at all of the other products that Lascaux manufactures that are appropriate for printmakers. We've added numerous screen printing paints and sundries, both water based and acrylic based, many at the request of individual customers, and most very well received. Now if we could just get the cost of the Euro to come down to reasonable levels....well, that's another blog entry for later.


Blogger ainesse said...

I have managed to purchase the Lascaux hard ground and the soft ground BUT where oh where in the UK can I buy and try the other Lascaux printmaking products??

6:21 AM  
Blogger ainesse said...

Do you happen to know where I can buy the Lascaux A.R.E. products here in the Uk ?

I already purchased the hard and the soft ground but have not had the opportunity to play around with them yet although I tried the hard ground on some aluminum and it was not very satisfactory - this was following a step by step exercise in Carol and Robert's "Intaglio" book. But maybe I will try that exercise again on copper to see if it is effective.

I would appreciate any info on a UK supplier.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Printblog said...

You can obtain Lascaux products from my good friend Martin Lawrence of T.N. Lawrence & Son at the following address:

TN Lawrence
208 Portland Road
Hove Bn3 5QT

You can also go to the Lascaux website for additional UK suppliers

7:42 AM  
Blogger ainesse said...

Thought you might like to know that, I tried the T N Lawrence website and they do not supply the Lascaux products for printmaking purposes at all.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Dean Clark said...

I have an e-mail into my friend Martin Lawrence to see if they still carry the materials. In the meantime, you migh try the following link:

This will take you to the Lascaux distributors page. It lists 15 distributors in the UK including Lawrence (twice).

4:21 PM  
Blogger ainesse said...

just to follow up - I have just ordered all the Lascaux A.R.E. printmaking materials that I was looking for. I found that I could order them here in the UK from

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Keiko said...

I am very glad that you guys at Graphic Chemical started to carry Lascaux products. I am more and more interested in the versatile possibility of Lascaux product combinations especially for screen printing. I've gotten bunch of starter kit types from you guys and experiments are in progress! Yes, I hope the high cost of Euro conversion will come down soon. (But I have to tell you, you have the best price as far as I know. Even with the shipping cost, it beats the prices at one of the very few art supply stores in NYC that carries Lascaux printmaking products by far!)

11:17 PM  

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