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Friday, September 16, 2005


We're back and I can't tell you how well I thought the IMPact IV show went. Special thanks to the show organizers and to Beauvais Lyons from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville for all of the hard work to pull this off. Approximately 300 artists were in attendance betwen the two venues - Berlin and Posnan.

I'm not sure what I expected with the product fair, but it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. While there were only six vendors (two from the U.K., and one each from the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the U.S.) there was lots of interest in the products and services shown, and some great contacts made.

We've picked up some ideas for new products, and gotten great feedback from printmakers about existing materials. Our German brayers were once again a great hit - selling out within minutes of our allowing sales on Friday. It is gratifying to know how well know our materials are in Europe, but it is also an opportunity to insure that the products that we offer are the ones that printmakers want.

I haven't heard the final decision, but when we left Poland last week, it appeared that Tallin, Estonia was the likely spot for Impact V in 2007. The support of printmaking in Estonia - and specifically in Tallin is well known, and all of the vendors at the Product Fair are really looking forward to that event.


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