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Monday, February 13, 2006


Every year around Holiday time, you hear some TV announcer talking about the Rose Bowl game as the "granddaddy of all bowl games"! I guess that means not only is it the oldest, but maybe the best...although many in places like Miami, Dallas and New Orleans would argue that point.

When it comes to printmaking shows, the "granddaddy" is clearly the SGC show. This show has grown over the years from one vendor (Graphic Chemical) to in the neighborhood of 30, and from a handful of printmaking instructors to almost a thousand attendees. The show coming up this Spring is going to be held in Madison, WI at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I know that's not your typical southern city, but it's a great printmaking town, one of the best.

Other than the Product Fair, my favorite part of the conference is the print exchanges. To those who proclaim that printmaking is a dying art, I suggest an hour at the SGC Print Exchange. First of all, you will barely scratch the surface when it comes to seeing all of the art displayed. The range of prints is that of beginners to some of the best known names in the field. If ever I need an renewed source of energy this is the place to find it.

SGC had, as many organizations did, some humble beginnings. Among the original group were Boyd Saunders (formerly of the University of South Carolina), and the late Bernie Solomon (Georgia Southern). Ken Kerslake of Florida and Bill Walmsley from Florida State were two others that have been involved since the beginning.

I started attending way back in 1985 when Karen Broker at Rice University was the host. Since then the show has shucked its southern roots and gone as far astray as Boston, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Athens, OH, Piscataway, NJ and this year, Madison, WI. The growth of the show has been phenomenal - mostly because of the dedicated volunteers that give of their time and talents to put together a great experience for everyone attending, regardless of their printmaking expertise.

So what's the connection between this piece and the photo? Well, that's my granddaddy - the founder of Graphic Chemical & Ink Company, Robert P. Faulkner.


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