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Thursday, December 17, 2009


When we first came out with inks in cartridges, there were some spiffy caps that insured the the ink in the nozzle didn't dry out too fast. There were two problems with them, however. They didn't fit very well, so they were constantly getting lost, and we had to order huge numbers of them from the manufacturer.

They resolved both problems quite easily - they stopped making the product. While it wasn't a resolution that we would have chosen, it did allow us (or is it "force us"?) to begin a search for a better product. After years of searching and coming up dry, I stumbled across a perfect solution, shown above. Called a Caulk Saver, it can be used to a.) puncture the seal on a fresh cartridge, and b.) plug the end to help insure that the ink doesn't dry out between uses. After the seal is punctured, you can trim this off to better fit the cartridge if you like.

If you are a fan of Graphic Chemical on Facebook (, you will probably have seen this puppy recently. It sells for around $1.00.


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