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Saturday, February 03, 2007


As this is written, the 2007 Super Bowl is a mere 20 hours away, and the residents of Chicago and Indianapolis are anxiously awaiting the victories that both expect. Predictions range from a blow out for the Colts to the Bears squeaking by on a last minute field goal.

To our foreign readers...this is American football, not real football, which we call soccer. A field goal is worth three points, while a touchdown is worth six and a try at an extra point.

The biggest item of interest during a Super Bowl is the television commercials. They tend towards outrageous but entertaining, and the Las Vegas odds makers are taking bets on everything from who scores first to how long will Billy Joel take to sing the Star Spangled Banner!

The best prediction happened this morning on Public Radio, when former Baltimore Colt lineman, Art Donovan, who probably never heard of public radio before today, accurately predicted that both teams will show up for the game.

Finally, I took a scientific poll from among all members of my family currently in Illinois, and the result was ....Go Bears!


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